Light Demolition and Removal

We help you complete demolition projects on time and on budget.

With our all-inclusive service, up-front prices and convenient scheduling, you don’t have to worry about a thing. When job sites are not dumpster or bin friendly or your jobs require labor or project management across multiple locations, we are the end-to-end solution.

Our uniformed and professional truck teams provide fast and efficient service, so your project can be finished on time. We offer flexible hours of service, ensuring we are available when you need us most.

Benefits of using Clutter Trucker:
  • Same-Day Service
  • After Hours Pickups
  • Full Insurance Coverage
  • Post-Job Sweep Up
  • No Permits Required from the City
There are many situations that might call for light demolition prior to hauling a customer’s rubbish away. The customer may not have the time or the interest in doing the demolition work themselves. 

This is particularly true for commercial projects where cubicles, walls or other stationary objects may be left behind and not needed for the new tenant. Residential customers might need to have the demolition done before a remodel project. 

People also look for outside companies to do a light demolition project since they may not have the equipment to do so them selves. We have worked with a large number of customers doing demolition work. Our crew has seen just about any type of demolition project. 

From tearing out shelving to taking out non-load bearing walls, we can handle most of your demolition projects. We work with both residential and commercial customers in the Denver metro area on demolition projects. In either case, no job is too large or too small for our service. 

Residential Demolition

Many of our residential jobs are customers doing demolition work on a kitchen, bathroom or bedrooms during the remodeling process. These projects are usually one or two day jobs that may involve removing flooring, cabinets, walls, drywall, appliances or fixtures.

Commercial and Office Demolition

Commercial jobs tend to be more focused on walls, cubicles, carpet and any items that need to be removed before a property is listed. In many cases, the new tenant will require modifications to the existing space before or during occupancy.

Services offered:
  • Deck and Patio Demolition
  • Kitchen Demo (sinks and cabinets)
  • Bathroom Demo (showers and commode )
  • Carpet and Flooring
  • Cabinet Demo and Removal
  • Shed Demo & Removal
  • Playset Demo & Removal
  • Debris Removal
  • Office Cubicle Removal
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